SteemPress is a WordPress plugin that connects any blog to the Steem blockchain.

Steem is a blockchain where content and contributions are rewarded with the crypto currency STEEM based on the upvotes from users. The STEEM tokens can then be traded online with 0 transaction costs and with 3 second transaction time.

What benefits can a blog owner get by sharing posts on the Steem blockchain?
• It can help you reach new audiences as people browsing nay app or website displaying content stored on the Steem blockchain can see your post.
• It may provide a new source of income through earning STEEM tokens.
• It will help store your content securely on an un-censorable blockchain.

To use SteemPress you will need a Steem account which can be made for free when signing up through
You can also follow the value of a STEEM token here:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email on, or join our Discord channel together with many other users through

Features :

• Automatic posting of articles to the Steem blockchain
• Conversion and cleaning of text to look good on different websites
• Automatic self-vote
• Add an original link to your blog
• Custom tags for each article
• Default tags if no tags are defined for an article.
• Optional posting
• Bulk posting
• Post scheduling
• Multiple steem account support
• Add (or not) the featured image on top of the steem post
• Category filtering
• Custom footer on steem


If you don’t already have an account on Steem, please get one at Validation can take a few days.

Then simply go to settings and fill your username, private posting key and default tags, and you’re good to go 🙂

A setup guide can be found here:

Setup guides are also available in various languages :
French :
Indonesian :
Japanese :
Turkish :

Note that all the guides are made by fans and may contain inaccuracies.


For all the questions related to Steem please see:

What’s the difference between and wordpress

WordPress is the blogging platform on which you run steempress. is a business providing hosting for wordpress blogs.

Do I need a business account ?

No, you can use any web hosting provider to host your blog and use steempress. is providing a free hosting service but to use plugins you have to upgrade to the highest plan which is
very expensive compared to other plans.

We recommend the webhosting plan from ovh : but you are free to use any other host.

We also recommend you to pick the “one click wordpress install” option which will directly install wordpress on your

What kind of server do I need

It all depends on your blog and how much it’ll be visited, but you really shouldn’t need a lot of data.

For instance the “personal” plan on ovh with 100gb of disk space is more than enough for most of the use cases.

Do I need a domain name

No. Although having one is way better for your SEO. And generally more pretty.

Nobody says “hey have you heard of ?” they say “hey have you heard of ?”

Can I use a free domain or a subdomain ?


How can I protect the SEO of my website/will the SEO of my blog be affected ?

The delay feature allow you to publish first on your blog and then publish to steem after a few days/hours/minutes (you decide the delay). Which means that google and other search engines will index your blog first and tag as a duplicate. And so your blog’s seo ranking won’t be hurt.
We recommend a 7 days delay for maximum security.

I did not get a vote on my article, is something wrong ?

You will not automatically get a vote, consider a vote as a tip for producing good content with us. You don’t expect
a tip, but you are happy when you get one. The same mentality applies.

Who do I talk to about business and parnerships ?

Find @fredrikaa on the official steempress discord and talk to him

the discord can be found here :

Who do I talk to about technical details, bugs etc ?

don’t talk to @howo directly unless it’s a very specific and urgent problem, instead feel free to use the
help and suggestion channels.

Still on the discord :

I published my post on wordpress but it was not published on steem what’s up ?

Check the plugin settings to make sure that you have set everything correctly. you should see

“Connectivity to the steem server : Ok
Username/posting key : Ok

If that’s ok, look at the delay, did you put any delay ? And is that delay over ?

If all of that checks, then something went wrong, come in the #help channel and we’ll figure it out.

Can I use this on my phone

We got that question a lot so I feel like we need to answer it.

No. You need a wordpress blog which needs to be hosted. So you can buy hosting with your phone and manage it
still from your phone but you’ll have to go by the “hosting” section and get a blog there.

At what percentages are the beneficiaries set ?


Benefactor rewards

Like most other apps on Steem, including esteem, dtube, dsound, dmania and zappl to name a few, Swe use benefactor rewards to help run and develop SteemPress. The benefactor reward is currently set to 15%. To compensate, SteemPress is able to support original authors who post quality content with our Steem account @steempress-io.


September 24, 2019
Creating bridges for early adopters of new technologies with the rest of us is critical for them to succeed. As it is for us to cross over when we are ready. Steempress creates a uni- or bi-directional bridge between WordPress blogs and Steem. The bi-directional bridge needs to be activated by adding the comments widget from Steempress. Comments will come from both your audience on the WordPress blog and from users who see your post on Steem. Votes (having a value in STEEM) come from Steem users, so you will also add an additional income flow to your blog if you activate it. I recently used the comments widget to both upvote the post and leave a comment and it works as expected! I also used the uni-directional bridge to publish posts from my blog to Steem.
December 9, 2018
This plugin helps me manage my schedule between posting to my blog and to Steemit. But there are some formatting issues from time to time, especially with video or animated gifs. I've had to correct them in Steemit after posting. Those aren't a big deal though. The bigger issue is that they set themselves as a 15% beneficiary. The reason why that's an issue is it isn't stated anywhere. I only saw it after I got a Curie vote and didn't get as much as I thought I should. I looked on Steemworld and saw how they had taken the 15%. The thing is, I don't mind supporting a good product BUT I want to be told how it works. If it is written anywhere on the plugin description or on the settings or wherever, I can't find it. Something like this should be big and bold so there's no confusion or hard feelings. I'd rather it were a slider for support too. Some might give 0% but others might like it so much they give 50% - you never know! But in any case, developers please make the beneficiary setting very obvious to anyone before they download it, and also make sure it's clear in the plugin info after installation.
November 26, 2018
Initially I had some pre-existing posts that I wanted published. Thanks to dev help, used Bulk Actions in WP to manually push these to be published on STEEM. I manually publish 3 posts, two of them eventually get published 5 days apart. The third hasn't published at all 10 days later. Now that my "Delay Post" timer has arrived for all my newer posts, none of my new posts have been published. Delay value is set at 7200 (5 days). Have articles that haven't been published which are upwards of 21 days old. Needs to have some kind of local transaction log to see which articles have been submitted for publishing to the blockchain. Will continue testing a possibility on my end as to why this is occurring.
July 18, 2018
This plugin works wonders and save me a lot of time! Steemit is an awesome platform but there are still pretty bare. Hence, being able work directly from WP and get my posts published on both platforms is a major boost for productivity. While it's a fantastic plugin it's not yet perfect for a few reasons: 1) This plugin is very new. Steem is very new! This is pretty much still in a "work in progress" project. The devs are working very hard and responsive to feedbacks!) 2) There are some difference in the presentation and backend structure about Steemit that makes it more difficult to be 100% seamless. I believe that with more users' feedback .. and given some time it will evolve Well done Howo and Fred!!
July 14, 2018
Even though, right now, this plugin only pushed my post on my blog unto the Steem blockchain for added exposure and monetization it works like a charm. I haven't encountered any bugs and I'm very pleased with the result. It's incredibly easy to setup. I'm quite excited for the future versions of this plugin.
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