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Chatbot & Live Chat for WP – WotNot


WotNot automates your customer interactions at scale with chatbots. Solve business challenges like getting more leads, booking more appointments, scaling your customer support with cutting-edge chatbots across multiple channels – Website, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp Business.

Customers use WotNot to provide a personalized customer experience to their current or future customers which is available 24/7, responds instantly, totally reliable, and speaks the customer language.


  1. Probing visitors by asking qualifying questions
  2. Generating qualified leads
  3. Answering frequently asked questions
  4. Creating service tickets
  5. Providing ticket status
  6. Showing real estate properties
  7. Appointment booking
  8. Educate visitors about your service/product
  9. Showcase your products in a carousel
  10. Survey and Feedback collection
  11. Optimize your business expenses


Chatbots are industry agnostic and can be used in industry for a wide-variety of use-cases. Some industries where our customers have seen great success are,

You can read more about the chatbot use-cases on our blogs.

To help you get started quickly, we have created curated templates that you can simply choose while building your chatbot and get up and running with a few tweaks:

  • Lead Generation Chatbot for B2B
  • Appointment Booking Chatbot
  • Property Showcasing Chatbot
  • General Customer Support Chatbot
  • Scheduling a Property Tour Chatbot
  • Lead Generation Chatbot for a Real Estate Property
  • Ecommerce Customer Support Chatbot
  • Lead Generation Chatbot for Brokers
  • Lead Generation Chatbot for Insurance Policy
  • Appointment Booking Chatbot for Hospitals
  • Pizza Restaurant Chatbot
  • Restaurant Reservation Chatbot
  • Account Opening Chatbot


  1. No-code Bot Builder to build bots
  2. Bot management to manage all the bots of your business
  3. Visualize key metrics using Analytics Dashboard
  4. View and manage all conversations using Live Chat
  5. Take over a chat using Human Handover
  6. Customize the appearance of the chatbot
  7. Track goals to have bird’s eye view on how many conversations converted into sign-ups, demo requests, resolved tickets, leads and more
  8. View Geographical Insights to understand your audience
  9. Trigger Conditions to increase engagement to the chatbot
  10. Create different chatbots for various pages
  11. Get email notifications when a lead is generated
  12. Integrate the chatbot with your CRM, ERP etc

Read more about No-code Bot Builder
Real more about Human Handover
Read more about Live Chat Tool
Read more about Analytics Dashboard

You can build the chatbot in any language (over 180 of them). Some of them are:

  • English chatbot
  • Spanish chatbot
  • Portuguese chatbot
  • Arabic chatbot
  • Chinese chatbot
  • Danish chatbot
  • Dutch chatbot
  • French chatbot
  • German chatbot
  • Hebrew chatbot
  • Hindi chatbot
  • Italian chatbot
  • Japanese chatbot
  • Korean chatbot
  • Persian chatbot
  • Polish chatbot
  • Romanian chatbot
  • Russian chatbot
  • Swedish chatbot
  • RTL languages are supported!


3000+ rely on WotNot for customer interactions. Hear what our customers have to say about us,

“The chatbot is truly well integrated with our internal processes. Our sales team and marketing teams are really happy with the over 50,000+ MQLs that the bot is generating organically.”
— Chandradip Paitandi, Symphony Limited

“Our conversions pretty much skyrocketed after the bot implementation. We used to run ads on landing pages, but with the inclusion of a smart lead generation chatbot, we were able to generate more than 160 qualified leads over the course of a weekend. ”
— Nikhil, Shivalik Group

“Within nine months of going live, the hospital chatbot generated nearly 2,000 leads. It helped streamline sales opportunities to the internal team.”
— Himanshu Sharma, Zydus Hospitals

You can view all our customer stories here –


The chatbot tool can also be useful with products and people in the following area:

Email, Newsletters, Contacts, Call Tracking, Calendar,Bookmarks, Accounting, Ads and Analytics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Analytics, App Builder, Appointment setting, Customer Appreciation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Support, Dashboards, Databases, Developer Tools, Devices, Documents, Drip Emails, Ecommerce, Education, Team Collaboration, Time Tracking, To-do Lists, Transactional Email, Real Estate, Reports, Reminders, Scheduling, Server Monitoring, Signatures, Notifications, Payment Processing, Phone & SMS, Printing, Product Management, Event Management, FAQ, Facebook, Fax, Files, Fitness & Entertainment, Forms, Fundraising, Gaming, Google, Human Resources (HR), Management Tools, Marketing Automation, Microsoft, Net Promoter Score, News, Notes, Project Management, Proposals & Invoices, Social Media, Social Media Management, Spreadsheets, Surveys, Team Chat, Video Calls, Video, Audio, & Images, Webinar

If you have any questions about building the chatbot, please send an email to

To read from our help articles, visit our help desk


  • Manage all the bots of your business here. Clone and delete your bots here.
  • Build your chatbot using a visual no-code builder. You can build from scratch or choose from our wide-variety of templates.
  • Configure what an action block does by using the right panel. Every action block has a unique configuration.
  • Customize the appearance of your chat widget by changing the color, text, and avatars to truly make it your own
  • View all the conversations in real-time and jump in to take control whenever needed using Human Handover
  • Analyse and improve your bot by viewing the chatbot analytics using Analytics Dashboard


To get answers to all your questions and assist you with our customer support – check out our Help Desk

Is WotNot free? How much does it cost?

Upon registering, a 14-day trial of an unlimited version of the app is provided to your account. After the trial expires, you will be asked if you’d like to subscribe to a paid subscription.

Unlike our competition we do not want to penalize you to grow, so we offer just one plan with all features at $99/month

Can I customize the appearance of the chat widget?

You can customize the chat widget by adjusting its color, its position on your website (the bottom-right or bottom-left corner), all of the texts that appear in it, as well as the avatar!

Do I need to code in the bot?

Zero! All you have to do is use our no-code bot builder to build a bot from scratch or choose from our collection of curated templates designed for your industry.

Can I use WotNot as a live chat tool?

Yes, of course. You can use human handover to invoke a live chat transfer everytime someone begins a conversation.

How many conversations are provided in WotNot?

Unlimited. Yes, you heard that right. You can have any number of conversations using WotNot. (Although, we have a rate limit for processing these conversations)

Can WotNot build the bot for me?

Totally! We have a kick-ass team of conversational designers that can build this for you at a small cost. Simply write to us at


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