VikRestaurants Table Reservations and Take-Away


Vik Restaurants Table Reservations and Take-Away for WordPress

The all-in-one solution with tables reservations and take-away orders for any restaurant is now available for WordPress as a native plugin!

Whether you accept table reservations and/or take-away orders for your restaurant, you are all covered thanks to this powerful plugin.

Turn your website into a complete e-commerce platform for ordering food for take-away or delivery. Thanks to an incredibly flexible products management, you will be able to let your clients build their best pizza with custom toppings and crust size, create their preferred hamburger or pick the ingredients for their sushi or poke bowl. There is no food guests cannot build or order with Vik Restaurants!
Draw the optional delivery areas you can cover through an interactive map for the delivery, or let your clients avoid queues at your restaurant for picking up their food. Anything you need to manage your e-Commerce for food.

If you need to manage your restaurant reservations, you will find Vik Restaurants your perfect partner. In fact, you can draw all rooms and tables through a smart interface. Your guests will be able to book the tables directly through your website, and you will be able to manage all of their reservations with custom statuses, such as: “arrived”, “order received”, “preparing”, “bill paid” etc..

Custom Operators can be set up to work on your reservations and to update their status. Vik Restaurants brings the features of two complete systems for Restaurant Reservations and Take-Away Orders into one powerful plugin. There are no similar plugins that could compete with Vik Restaurants!

Born for a different CMS than WordPress, the same powerful and experienced framework is now at the service of all webmasters, designers and web-agencies that build websites with WordPress.

Do not look any further if you need a plugin for any food business. You have found the perfect solution!

Visit for more details.

Some of its key features

  • Tables and rooms management to receive online reservations
  • Build the sections and the products of your menus (*)
  • The maps give you a visual overview of the table reservations in real time
  • Manual/offline reservations via back-end to keep the availability up to date
  • Create the menus and the products that you sell for take-away and delivery orders (*)
  • Use the toppings to let the customers build a product with the ingredients they wish (*)
  • Restrict the addresses available for delivery through a smart system (*)
  • Food ordering via QR code
  • Customizable dashboard with tens of widgets
  • Search widget for the front-end to start the booking process from anywhere
  • Extended working days management with the usage of special days
  • Coupons to offer order discounts
  • Status codes management for the restaurant reservations and the take-away orders
  • Invoices generation
  • E-mail notifications after the purchase/booking
  • Conditional texts to dynamically change the contents of your notifications
  • Front-end pages and mail notification customizer
  • A system to backup the contents created through VikRestaurants

(*) the number of records that can be created is limited.

Some of the Pro version features

  • Full reservations/orders management from the back-end (restaurant and take-away)
  • Design the layout of your rooms and tables with a smart and intuitive tool
  • Unlimited creation of menus and products (restaurant and take-away)
  • Unlimited creation of toppings
  • Unlimited creation of the available delivery areas
  • Deals management system to set up automated offers and discounts
  • Configure a stocks system to make sure you won’t sell products that are no more available
  • Flag the reservations and orders with custom codes (e.g. preparing, delivered, bill paid)
  • Customers and delivery locations management
  • Custom fields management
  • Private area in the front-end for the operators of your restaurant
  • Custom Payment Gateways (over 60 available on
  • SMS Gateways for customers notifications
  • Various widgets to enhance the look of your front-end

Interested in, curious about the Pro version?

You should take a look with your own eyes at the demo website to see what you can do with Vik Restaurants. Do not stop at the front-end though, make sure to visit the wp-admin section too.

  1. Front-end Demo Website
  2. Admin Demo Website


  • Dashboard: an intuitive tool to keep all restaurants and take-away reservations under control.
  • Take-Away Ordering: turn your website into a powerful e-commerce to allow any food order.
  • Let your guests build their food or dishes with custom toppings, ingredients and characteristics.
  • Topping Groups: set up all types of toppings and variations for your food/products.
  • Delivery Areas: draw and define the exact areas that you can cover for delivering food.
  • Orders Management: easy access to manage the received takeaway and delivery orders.
  • Restaurant Menus: represent your menu online with all sections and food.
  • Menus Builder: create your menus and their products/food through a simple yet powerful interface.
  • Table Reservations: keep track of the status of each table for the guests sitting at your restaurant.
  • Rooms and Tables Design: draw the exact map of your restaurant by creating rooms and tables.
  • Reservations Management: rearranging the tables assigned to your reservations has never been easier.
  • Pages & Mail Customizer: stylize the pages in the front-end and the mail templates without having to write a single line of code.
  • Native Blocks: publish pages and widgets as native blocks for Gutenberg.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • VikRestaurants Table Reservations and Take-Away


Installation through the WordPress Plugins Browser

  • Search for “Vik Restaurants” in the Add Plugins section of your website back-end
  • Install the Plugin by clicking on the apposite button
  • Activate the Plugin by using the related activation button
  • A link to access and configure Vik Restaurants will be visible in the side menu
  • Enjoy it

Alternative Installation Method

You can only install the free version of Vik Restaurants, not the Pro version. If for some reasons the WordPress Repository installation won’t work, you can contact us to receive the zip installer file and upload it via FTP onto your server.

  • Download the installer zip file from
  • Unzip the archive on your computer’s local drive
  • Upload via FTP the unzipped folder vikrestaurants onto your /wp-content/plugins directory
  • Log in to your wp-admin section and activate the plugin

Or, alternatively, just try to directly upload the ZIP archive through the Upload Plugin section of your website.


Is upgrading to Pro mandatory?

No, not at all. However, it took our company 7 years to build the Pro version and we are willing to spend a lot more years of work on this software. We encourage you to evaluate the free version first, and then upgrade to Pro to unlock its potential.

Why some functions are not available in the free version?

We make money by selling licenses of the Pro version because our goal is to keep Vik Restaurants the best solution for those who need to use it everyday for their business. Maintaining and always developing new features is a heavy cost for our company.

Is it worth upgrading to Pro?

Vik Restaurants is not a one-page plugin. You can build websites worth a lot of money thanks to this plugin. You don’t need anything else to deliver a complete website, if not a Theme and some experience with WordPress.

Can I use Vik Restaurants with my preferred Theme?

Yes, of course. You are free to install Vik Restaurants on your website with your own Theme. The plugin will adjust to it thanks to its own CSS framework. It is also possible to work on a custom CSS file to adjust some layouts.

Will I lose any contents if I upgrade to Pro?

Absolutely not. Upgrading to the Pro version is a simple and smooth process. You won’t lose any data from your current configuration.

Can I build a portal of multiple restaurants?

No you can’t. Our Vik Restaurants plugin is able to manage only one restaurant per website. In addition, it doesn’t support the features needed to handle a multi-vendor system and the related search functions for the front-end.

I’m the owner of a restaurants chain, does Vik Restaurants support it?

Unfortunately it doesn’t. As explained in the previous FAQ, Vik Restaurants is not able to handle more than one restaurant per website. This is because the menus, the tables, the products to sell (and so on) always refer to the same owner.

Is it possible to auto-print the orders when they come in?

Yes it is, but our client software called VRE Printer is needed in order to connect VikRestaurants with your personal printer. It is mandatory to have also the PRO version of VikRestaurants, since the connection is handled by the API framework.


May 20, 2023
The VikRestaurants Table Reservation plugin is a valuable addition to any restaurant website because it provides a user-friendly reservation process for customers. It is effortless to set up and comes with a stylish design that can easily blend with most website themes. An outstanding feature of this plugin is its fixed stay time option, which helps restaurants manage their tables effectively, ensuring that each customer has enough time to enjoy their meal. However, the plugin could be improved by adding a check-out time system since some customers might prefer to stay for a specific duration. Despite this limitation, it is still a great plugin for restaurant owners looking to simplify their reservations process and give their customers a seamless experience. In conclusion, I highly recommend this plugin to any restaurant owner seeking to improve their online booking system.
March 28, 2022
Ho acquistato il plugin VikRestaurant perché è davvero completo. Sono andato sul sicuro avendo già utilizzato VikBooking e VikRent. Inoltre l’assistenza è davvero ottima. Decisamente consigliato!
July 13, 2021
I sell websites for restaurants with a take-away system. in the past I had another plugin for that, now I switched to the plugin VikRestaurants my experience with support: 6 stars! fast and professional help, they answer questions with solutions within 24 hours! my experience with the plugin: extensively tested and not one error message! after google stopped google cloudprint i searched for a long time for the solution to print orders automatically, I have recommended services as a print node to existing customers, which results in high costs with many printing-jobs in take-away restaurants. but the company has also offered a solution for this with the software “VikRestaurants Auto-Print” finally: if you have a restaurant that offers take-away, be sure to take a look at the developer’s website!
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Release date – 22 March 2024

New Features

  • The Kitchen widget now also supports food preparation for the take-away section.
  • The Kitchen section in the Operators Area now displays 2 different widgets, one for the restaurant and one for the take-away.
  • It is now possible to specify the service order for the dishes to prepare (such as First Course, Second Course, Third Course).
  • Introduced a new setting to choose the layout of the take-away menus (grid or list).


  • It is now possible to choose the time unit (days or hours) for the cancellation restrictions.
  • Various API plugin improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the system from properly using the Google Address Auto-complete feature.
  • Protected some back-end tasks from XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed a few PHP warnings.


Release date – 23 January 2024

New Features

  • The Shortcodes block now lets you create new shortcodes directly from Gutenberg editor.
  • The Shortcodes block for Gutenberg is now able to display an instant preview.
  • All the widgets have been converted into native blocks for Gutenberg.


  • Custom fields configured as required checkboxes (such as terms & conditions or privacy policies) are no more auto-checked in case of returning customers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical error that could occur in case the table booking process required the selection of the menus.
  • The offline credit card payment method is now able to display the credit card brands in the right way.
  • Fixed an issue that was not able to properly use the discount applied by a service.
  • The system is now able to properly use the “Auto-delete after usage” setting of the coupon codes.
  • Fixed an issue that was not properly updating the number of usages while redeeming a coupon code.
  • Fixed an issue that could display the summary of the custom fields with weird labels and values.
  • The dates displayed under the rooms closures page are now properly aligned to the site timezone.
  • The closing days with weekly recurrence now show the correct name of the related week day.


Release date – 30 November 2023


  • The e-mail templates now display the price of the ordered items multiplied by the selected number of units.
  • The management page of a take-away order is now able to auto-fill the custom fields after selecting a customer.
  • The system is now able to pre-select the correct room after clicking a table from the overview widget.
  • Applies some improvements to the address validation during the take-away check-out process.
  • Minor adjustments to improve the compatibility with the latest PHP versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was not able to properly display menus in the front-end when they were assigned only to “Sunday”.
  • Fixed layout issue with the invoice template.
  • Fixed an issue that was never accepting delivery orders in case of no configured areas.
  • Fixed an issue that was displaying the address field even if the customer was not selected.
  • Fixed an issue with the coupon submission in the front-end.
  • The link used to print the take-away orders now points to the correct URL.
  • Fixed an issue that might not properly apply the configured restrictions based on the total cost.
  • Fixed an issue that could require a payment during the check-out even if the payments were not configured.
  • The collected custom fields are now properly displayed.
  • Fixed a fatal error that could occur with the Offline Credit Card payment method.
  • Fixed an issue that was always auto-selecting all the existing attributes.
  • Fixed a few issues that could cause time discrepancies.
  • Checked the configuration integrity as some settings might not have been properly installed during the 1.3 update.
  • Fixed an issue with the Shortcodes block in Gutenberg.
  • Fixed an issue that could randomly display 401 error messages.


Release date – 18 October 2023

New Features

  • The back-end now fully supports the management of reservations assigned to multiple tables (table clustering).
  • Introduced the status codes management (pending, confirmed, paid and so on).
  • The system now supports the ordering process via QR code.
  • Added support to composite taxes.
  • Introduced a new system to backup the contents of VikRestaurants (import/export).
  • Introduced the conditional texts to extend the contents sent within the e-mail templates.
  • Implemented a customizer to easily edit the style of the site pages and the e-mail templates.
  • It is now possible to create shifts on-the-fly while managing a special day.
  • The notification e-mail received by the administrator for new reservations/orders now contains a reject link.
  • Implemented the “PayPal Express Checkout” payment gateway.
  • Added a “Code Hub” feature to easily implement PHP and JS snippets.
  • It is now possible to export the customers, the reviews and the products in the following formats: CSV, PDF and HTML.


  • Redesigned the back-end interface and the user experience.
  • Improved the algorithm used to detect the best combination of tables.
  • It is now possible to create new tags directly while managing a product.
  • The reservations/orders CSV export now includes a footer containing the sum of all the totals.
  • The back-end now displays a badge for all the take-away orders with “as soon as possible” check-in.
  • It is now easier to apply the changes when increasing or decreasing the cost of a topping.
  • Improved the SEO for the internal media manager, which now provides the possibility to specify titles, alt(s) and captions.
  • Added a dropdown next to the pagination to easily change the number of items per page (all back-end lists).
  • It is now possible to automatically send an e-mail notification to the customer when a specific reservation code is selected.
  • Added a short text to describe the behavior of all the ambiguous parameters.
  • Added some new filters to the operators area.
  • The notification e-mail received by the administrator, for a restaurant reservation, now contains the ordered food (if any).
  • The program is now fully compatible with all the major PHP versions.
  • All the request tasks are now safe from XSS attacks.
  • Enhanced the code and the usage of the front-end widgets.
  • Improved the speed of some database queries.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was still displaying some take-away sections even if the latter was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that was not able to properly display the native custom fields within the reservations and orders list.
  • Fixed an issue that could corrupt the generation of the ICS files for the reservations/orders.
  • Fixed a few language definitions.
  • Several minor fixes.

Earlier versions

For further details about older versions, please refer to the file of the plugin.