myCred for Courseware

Courseware allows you to create a course, a module, a course unit with course content,…

myCRED 100+ active installations Tested with 6.2.2 Updated 4 ⴰⵢⵢⵓⵔⵏ ago

WP Courseware for OptimizePress

This plugin adds integration between OptimizePress and WP Courseware to allow customization in course units.

OptimizePress 100+ active installations Tested with 5.4.13 Updated 3 ⵉⵙⴳⴳⵯⴰⵙⵏ ago

Addon for AB-Inspiration, WooCommerce and WP Courseware

Плагин добавляет дополнительные настройки на страницу Курсы созданную с помощью плагина WP Courseware и WooCommerce.

Anfisa Breus 80+ active installations Tested with 6.1.3 Updated 9 ⴰⵢⵢⵓⵔⵏ ago