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Popup Builder – Create highly converting, mobile friendly marketing popups.

Popup Builder – Create highly converting, mobile friendly marketing popups.


WordPress Popup Builder

Popup Builder is a Perfect solution for any WordPress website. With a wide range of WordPress popup types, conditions, and events (From Image Popup to Countdown popup, Exit Intent to GeoTargeting) Popup Builder helps you create high converting, promotional and informative popups, increase conversion rates and boost sales while reaching your marketing goals.
Moreover, our team created a custom JS/CSS coding opportunity for all our WordPress pop up types making any popup unique and fully customizable.
Use the best WordPress popup plugin and enjoy the popup creation process.


In Popup Builder, we did our best to make the interface very user-friendly and intuitive for our users. All of our popup types, events, and conditions including popup design changes are separated which makes our WordPress popup plugin suitable and easy to use. Moreover, no special coding is needed to use the plugin. Just choose your preferred type of popup and create a masterpiece for your website. While developing Popup Builder we took into consideration both your time and will to create efficient and powerful WordPress popups within minutes.


One of the primary advantages of our WordPress popup plugin is that it is not limited to just a few types of popup. In Popup Builder, you will find various types of popups for all occasions. We provide both free (Image Popup, HTML Popup, Facebook Popup, Subscription Popup) and paid WordPress popups with premium features (Video Popup, Web Push Notification Popup, Exit Intent popup, Mailchimp popup, WooCommerce, Login Popup, and more).
Please note that both free and paid types of our popups do not require additional effort. Each of them can be created very quickly and efficiently making your brand promotion even more tempting.


We provide you a powerful and yet easy to use Popup Builder with a wide range of features to make your work as efficient as possible and get explosive results in the end. With our WordPress popup plugin you’ll have an epic chance to target your buyer persona based on geographic segmentation, demographics, and user behavior showing highly effective popups. Popup Builder is your magic bullet and the most optimal solution for all your needs. Just create your desired WordPress popup with appropriate conditions or events and have higher and unsurpassed conversion rates for your website.


Popup Builder provides you enticing features to create 100% customizable popups with the desired design. Almost all the elements of the popup are fully customizable. Customize the background, borders, overlays, texts, colors, and much more. Create personalized popups increasing your brand’s awareness. It’s a known fact that a page with a well-designed, branded, and properly implemented popup converts better than any other website with irritating and tiresome popups. So make your WordPress pop up unique and incomparable.


We have done our best to be fully integrated and compatible with the most popular plugins such as:

  • WooCommerce
  • MailChimp
  • Contact Form 7
  • WPML
  • Polylang
  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • TablePress
  • Formidable Forms
  • WP Google Maps
  • HTML5 Maps
  • Review Builder
  • Divi Builder

Using 3rd party plugins with Popup Builder will increase the potential of the popups and deepen the capabilities of their use for lead generation and nurturing. Our team is constantly working on improving and extending the existing integrations as well as increasing the number of integrations with third-party plugins and services.
If there is any plugin or service that you want us to be compatible with, feel free to contact us.


The desire of each customer and the problems that have arisen are the priority issues that have to be solved by our support team. That is why our Popup Builder team works very hard to help and satisfy the demands and wishes of all its customers. If there is a question that you would like to ask, or there is something unclear, then our support team is ready to answer each question in detail to satisfy any interest.

If you think you have any questions or suggestions concerning our WordPress popup plugin, please feel free to contact us through the community forum or drop a message at support@popup-builder.com (for Premium extensions).


  • Create and manage as many WordPress popups as you desire.
  • Increase your brand awareness by customizing the design and look of your WordPress pop up.
  • Choose the appropriate and desired WordPress pop up opening and closing styles.
  • Grow your mailing list, create unique email marketing campaigns and send to your subscribers by converting them to leads.
  • Make your popups mobile friendly and responsive for all devices.
  • Show the popup when the user hovers a text or clicks somewhere on the web page to make your popup interactive and more desirable.
  • Open any popup type on a specific scrollable call to action Floating button without destroying your website’s UX.
  • Create Network/Multisite compatible popups.
  • Create social engagement, motivate users to share your website’s specific content to Facebook by adding like and share buttons.
  • Gain golden ability to create more customized and unique add ons with our HTML popup.
  • And that’s not all, far more features are waiting for you with our WordPress popup plugin.

Premium Features (28+ ways to attract more users)

  • Target your popup efficiently and grab user’s attention that is not so easy to reach by using targeting features such as location, country, URL, browser, operating system, .etc.
  • Start lead generation, boost conversation rates by using Subscription Plus popup (Add segmentations like gender, GDPR field, or checkboxes making popups more targeted)..
  • Connect third party plugins’ or services’ accounts, like Mailchimp and Aweber popup, and use them for growing your mailing list.
  • Automate leads nurturing process with autoresponder without any extra effort.
  • Push your website’s visitors to your desired actions (making purchases or subscribing to a newsletter) based on inactivity.
  • Convert website exiting users into customers by triggering popup with discounts, coupon codes, or attractive offers.
  • Increase your sales by showing popup at the right moment based on cart items, specific products, or event cart’s value via WooCommerce or EDD targeting.
  • Raise your sales and user engagements by adding video content from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motions or upload your own one.
  • Check the effectiveness of specific popups and track data having look at detailed analytics .
  • Increase your content’s social engagement and interactions for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Email, and Google+ by using the social popup.
  • Create an urgency mood and push your buyers to make rapid purchases by showing ending soon popups like Countdown.
  • Detect even adblocking software without losing your ad income and ask your visitors to turn them off by showing specific popups.
  • Turn your website visitors into leads, gain more subscribers’ growth and higher conversation rates by giving them the chance to win with Gamification popup.
  • Gain trust and show social proof notifications for sales’ increase by just showing recently or frequently bought items on the website.
  • Set age limitations and restrictions, deny access based on visitor’s age for specific pages or even for the whole website by using Age Restriction popup.

Discover more features on our website WordPress Popup Builder.


“No hassle setup and it just works!” ~carricom
“Excellent and simple plugin!” ~soha1992
“Very Reliable and effective” ~soha1992
“Great plugin for notices!” ~orionsweb

Thank you for using our pop-up modal plugin.



  • List of popups screen
  • Image popup settings
  • Design settings
  • Dimensions
  • Advanced targeting
  • Floating button
  • Facebook settings
  • Subscription settings
  • Subscribers list
  • Newsletter
  • Subscription popup
  • Facebook popup
  • Content restriction popup
  • Registration popup


Install Popup Builder either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.

Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Go to the Popup Builder settings and set your desired options.


How many popups can I create?

You can create as many popups as you want, there is no limit either on the Free or the PRO version.

Can I have more than one popup on the same page?

You can have as many popups as you want on the same page, but you can only set one popup to be opened on page load, the others must be set to open on click.

How can I set a popup to open automatically?

After creating your popup, go to the desired page or post and you will see a meta box below the content editor, with the following title: “Select popup on page load”. Select the popup you want to set and then update the page. You are done! After you go to that page/post the popup will get opened automatically.

Want to insert a popup on a link, that will open up when clicked on the link?

Simply add the following class to it: sg-confirm-popup-#popupid.
Ex. <a href="https://popup-builder.com/" class="sg-confirm-popup-1">Popup</a>
This will open a popup before a user goes to the page from the link.

How to redirect users after clicking on the popup image?

Go to the Options section of your popup and find “Dismiss on content click” option.
Then Select “Redirect” option and in the URL field type the URL of the page you need your users to be redirected to.

Can I show a popup after a specific amount of time?

Under the Effects panel you will see ‘Popup opening delay’ option, all you need to do is to enter the amount of time (seconds) after which popup will be shown.

Want to open your links inside the popup without redirecting your users to the other site? (PRO)

You can simply create an empty iframe popup and add the following class to your link: sg-iframe-popup-#popupid number.
Ex. <a href="https://popup-builder.com/" class="sg-iframe-popup-1">Popup</a>
This way, you’ll have an iframe popup on your link, so when a user clicks on your link an iframe popup will open up, with the page of the link inside, so the users won’t be redirected by the link.

Can I put a popup to show after clicking something?

Yes. There is an “Insert popup” button which will insert the popup shortcode over any element (text, image, button, etc.) you want. Just select the element, click on the button, choose a popup and you are done!

Ex. [sg_popup id=”1″ event=”click”]Your text, or HTML element[/sg_popup]

Ex. [sg_popup id=”1″ event=”click” wrap=”span”]Your text, which will be wraped inside span element[/sg_popup]

Ex. [sg_popup id=”1″ event=”click”]<img src="https://sygnoos.com/images/sygnoos_logo_grey.png">[/sg_popup]

Alternative method in case if shortcode doesn’t satisfy your needs

Adding the following class sg-popup-id-1

Example: <span class='sg-popup-id-1'>Popup #1</span>

Can I change the wrapping element of onclick popup?

Yes, you can change it. You can write any HTML element you need to wrap your content in the wrapper attribute of your onclick popup.

Example: [sg_popup id="1" event="click" wrap="span"]Your text, which will be wraped inside span element[/sg_popup]

Can I put a popup to show after hovering an element?

Sure, you can! Just insert your text into the following code: [sg_popup id="1" event="hover" wrap="span"]Your text, which will be wrapped inside span element[/sg_popup]

Can I change the wrapping element of hovering popup?

Yes, you can change it. You can write any HTML element you need to wrap your content in the wrapper attribute of your hovering popup.

Example: [sg_popup id="1" event="hover" wrap="span"]Your text, which will be wraped inside span element[/sg_popup]

How to create a shortcode popup?

It’s a very easy thing to do, just follow the steps!

  • Find “Popup Builder” plugin on the left bar
  • Press “Add new Popup” button
  • Press “Shortcode” button
  • Enter a title for the Popup
  • Setup general options of the popup
  • Enter a Shortcode
  • Setup effects of the popup
  • Setup the dimensions of the popup
  • Setup advanced options of the popup
  • After creating press “Save changes” right above the page
  • Find the popup you created in “All popups” on the left bar

One perfect news for the popup builder users! Our popup builder plugin is now compatible with any other plugins’ shortcodes!

How to make the Popup responsive?

To make your popup responsive you should do the following:
Set width and height in percent(%) and then set Max width and Max height in pixels (px).
When the screen is too wide, Max width option will work and it will prevent showing popup large.

Example of responsive popup:

Width: 80%

Height: 90%

Max width: 640px

Max height: 480px

What URL do I have to enter in the URL field of the facebook popup?

You should enter the URL of the site you want to share.

How to redirect user to specific page when he/she clicks on popup?

You should create any type of popup.

  • From the Popup’s options, find “Dismiss on content click” option.
  • Check it.
  • Select “Redirect” button.
  • In the “URL” field enter the URL of the page you need your users to be redirected to.

Don’t forget to Save changes!)

Can I make the video play automatically in the Video popup? (PRO)

Sure! If you want your video to play automatically, we have an option specially for that case. Just select “Autoplay” and your video will play automatically. Please be noted that autoplay option will not work on mobile devices as there are browser restrictions.

What do I have to write in the field “Label” of the Age Restriction popup? (PRO)

You can write the text which you want to see on the button. (“Yes” or “No”)

What if I don’t have any specific URL to be shared in my social popup?

You can select “Use active URL” and the current page URL will be shared.

Why should I buy the PRO package?

The Free version of Popup Builder gives you anything you need for creating unlimited fully functional popups and insert them wherever you want. Our PRO package gives you the ability to create more specific popups, like iframe, video or shortcode popups. Also, advanced options will be available for you to disable popup closing, disable popup for mobile devices, show the popup only once, and many other features. So if you need these advanced popups and functionalities, get Popup Builder PRO here.

How to upgrade to PRO version without losing popup’s data?

We made it very easy for you! All you need to do is:

  • In your Menu sidebar, go to Popup -> “Settings” section.
  • Disable the “Delete popup data” option.

That’s all! And you don’t need to delete your Free version manually before upgrading to Pro!

How can I add a sound on popup opening?

From the ‘Effects’ panel enable ‘Popup open sound’ option and choose the sound you would like to be played on the popup opening.
Please be noted that browser’s don’t support all the formats. We recommend to use the WAV format.

Can I create a popup and make it invisible for some countries? (PRO)

Our plugin has an option for such cases. You can select “Filter popup for selected countries” option, which allows you to select the countries in which you want the popup to be shown or hidden, because there can be some popups which you make for specific countries and you may not want them to be seen in some other countries in cases of targeting groups for your marketing. (Allow/Disallow)

What’s Live Preview in Countdown, Subscription and Contact Form popups for? (PRO)

Live preview is a great option which gives you an opportunity to see all the changes you make while creating your popup without saving it after every single change.

Something is not working. What do I do?

Contact us! Depending on your server configuration something may go wrong, please don’t hesitate on contacting us, we are here to help you! Our support email is: support@popup-builder.com

Everything works PERFECT. What do I do?

Leave us a good review 🙂


June 20, 2024
I only used the free version, but it works well. Has sufficient features to customise your pop-up and was simple to use.
June 3, 2024 1 reply
The plugin doesn’t allow anyone to log in on the current version (4.3.2). Every time anyone attempts to log in they get an error saying “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”
May 27, 2024
Super simple and straightforward setup, and was stable for several months. But, then I had a simple question to ask, so I asked the forum, and then I asked their customer support. It’s been a full month and I haven’t gotten a reply aside from someone answering a forum question saying “works on my end, contact support”. And, then a week or so ago a new update rolled out that completely blocks backend access to all non-admin users, and no one in the forum can figure it out. I deleted this plugin, and utilized the Floating Button plugin (by Wow-company) that I’ve been successfully using for probably about two years now – and their customer service is FAST and RELIABLE. They don’t do popups, but they do lots of other stuff. I’ll ask popup builder for a refund, even though it’s been several months since I made the purchase, but I doubt anything will come of it.
May 15, 2024
Prevents all user roles except administrators from accessing any admin-area pages.Also for us – and:No more menu items can be added! Mayor mail function!!We need to disable the plugin.
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= Version 4.3.3
* Fix Undefined constant “SECURE_AUTH_COOKIE”.
* Fix Code Injection.
* Fix Vulnerability issue.

Version 4.3.2

  • Fix ulnerabilities issue of Missing Authorization and Nonce Exposure.
  • Fix Critical conflict with WordPress Menu setting.

Version 4.3.0

  • Fix Security improvements.

Version 4.2.7

  • Fix vulnerabilities issue of Authenticated (Contributor+) Stored Cross-Site Scripting via Shortcode.

Version 4.2.6

  • Fix vulnerabilities on import file feature.

Version 4.2.5

  • Some minor code improvements

Version 4.2.4

  • Fixed another administrator security issue.

Version 4.2.3

  • Fixed another security issue.

Version 4.2.2

  • Fixed issue with special characters/language in the external URL.

Version 4.2.1

  • Fixed another vulnerabilities.

Version 4.2.0

  • Fixed vulnerabilities
  • Bug fixed exit intent deactivation that triggers an error.
  • Bug fixed related to PHP 8.x errors that were visible.

Version 4.1.15

  • Minor optimization.

Version 4.1.14

  • Bug fixed related to popup order’s tooltip
  • Bug fixed related to popup’s closing animation’s preview
  • Improvement of design in image popup’s “Image settings”. Size of image frame was decreased
  • Improvement of “Statistics” page. “Reset” button’s size was decreased for better UI
  • Improvement of “Live preview” in subscription popup

Version 4.1.13

  • Bug fixed related to tags in Display rules
  • Bug fixed related to PHP warnings that were visible in the plugin

Version 4.1.12

  • Improvement of code: Cross-site request forgery issues have been solved : Credits: @yeraisci_

Version 4.1.11

  • Improvement of code: touch event has been added for mobile devices
  • Bug fixed related to symbols in text area
  • Some minor code improvements

Version 4.1.10

  • Code improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.1.9

  • Bug fixed related to popups that are set to appear with shortcodes and conditions

Version 4.1.8

  • Bug fixed related to popups that are set to appear with shortcodes and conditions
  • Bug fixed related to JS error that blocks popup triggering
  • Bug fixed related to layout on RTL sites
  • Bug fixed related to compatibility error control operator in PHP 8
  • Bug fixed related to conflict with Elementor
  • Bug fixed related to errors that appear after installing the plugin

Version 4.1.7

  • Improvement of Popup Builder button: the button has been added in Gutenberg editor
  • Bug fixed related to typo related to translating menu items
  • Bug fixed related to 502 error when popup is inserted with its shortcode in the same popup
  • Bug fixed related to conflict with UberMenu plugin
  • Bug fixed related to PHP errors in “All Subscribers” page

Version 4.1.6

  • Bug fixed related to draft popups that were not visible in trash
  • Bug fixed related to Popup Builder’s button that was visible in Newsletter
  • Improvement of popup’s background settings

Version 4.1.5

  • Improvement of code, some queries are optimized
  • Bug fixed related to popup opening issues on iOS devices
  • Bug fixed related to Newsletter text formatting in testing mode
  • Bug fixed related to popups that are set to appear on post categories

Version 4.1.4

  • Bug fixed related to filenames that contain non ascii characters
  • Bug fixed related to UI issues on multisite
  • Bug fixed related to draft popups, that were not saved properly

Version 4.1.3

  • Improvement of shortcodes when user sends newsletters in test mode

Version 4.1.2

  • Bug fixed related to the debug mode that was not working properly
  • Bug fixed related to custom js and css codes
  • Bug fixed related to popups that are set with shortcodes
  • Bug fixed related to compatibility with PHP 8

Version 4.1.1

  • Improvement of code related to making our plugin more secure
  • Bug fixed related to validation of some fields
  • Bug fixed related to conflict with some website functionalities in admin like search
  • Bug fixed related to popups that are set in private mode

Version 4.1.0

  • Code improvements.
  • Minor fixes.

Version 4.0.9

  • Security improvements and fixes.

Version 4.0.8

  • Security improvements and fixes.

Version 4.0.7

  • Bug fixed related to export of subscribers
  • Bug fixed related to sgpb_type parameter

Version 4.0.6

  • Bug fixed related to our products’ url

Version 4.0.5

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Version 4.0.4

  • Bug fixed related to JS files that some 3rd party plugins minify on our side

Version 4.0.3

  • New feature: AJAX mode has been added when using Geo targeting
  • Improvement of cities, Sydney has been added in city targeting

Version 4.0.2

  • Bug fixed related to PHP notices, localize was called incorrectly.
  • Bug fixed related to errors with PHP 8 version.
  • Bug fixed related to CSS and JS files in order to improve website loading.

Version 4.0.1

  • Bug fixed related to issue with PHP version below 7.0

Version 4.0

  • Improvement of design: the whole plugin has been redesigned for a better user experience.
  • Improvement of the menu: Descriptions for the menu items have been added.
  • Improvement of advance options: “Popup options” section has been renamed to “Advanced”.
  • Improvement of a floating button: Floating button’s settings are now more user friendly and easy to use.
  • Improvement of the newsletter: Shortcodes are redesigned and easier to use.
  • Improvement of image popup: Image popup’s settings have been redesigned for better user experience.
  • Improvement of HTML popup: HTML popup’s settings have been redesigned for better user experience.
  • Improvement of facebook popup: Facebook popup’s settings have been redesigned for better user experience.
  • Improvement of subscription popup: Subscription popup’s settings have been redesigned for better user experience.

Version 3.84

  • Bug fixed related to popup types and settings that are not saved after popup is saved as draft.
  • Bug fixed related to randomly activated popups.

Version 3.83

  • Improvement of Floating button relater to the filter.
  • Bug fixed related to the warning in WP_Scripts->localize(), 3rd parameter’s string is changed to array.

Version 3.82

  • Bug fixed related to PHP Fatal error.

Version 3.81

  • Bug fixed related to PHP Fatal error.
  • Bug fixed related to the notice.

Version 3.79

  • WordPress version 5.7 compatibility added.
  • Bug fixed relating to custom JS/CSS while exporting the popup.
  • Improvement: Added cookies policy.
  • Improvement: Disabled popups will not be triggered when those are setup via CSS class or shortcode.
  • Bug fixed related to script localization.
  • Bug fixed related to <p> tag in Gutenberg, the automatically added spaces are removed.
  • Bug fixed related to error message while inserting simple text in html popup.

Version 3.78

  • PHP notice fixed: Menu.php on line 157

Version 3.77

  • New Feature: Now users can select and set the popup on menu from the Appearance section.
  • Bug fixed related to more than 100 popups on the website, popups are now loaded as needed.
  • Bug fixed related to triggering onclick popup that is wrapped inside the <ul><li> tags.
  • Code improvements and minor fixes.

Version 3.76

  • Live preview fix of subscription popup.

Version 3.75

  • Added sanitization for input and output variables.
  • Floating button will be visible when the document is ready.
  • Floating button will not be visible for users who are already subscribed.
  • Bug fixed related to WordPress network.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 3.74

  • Deprecated wp_get_sites() replaced with get_sites.
  • Unescaped DB Parameter fixed.
  • Removed deprecated parameter from wp_upload_bits.
  • Deprecated get_user_by_email has been replaced with get_user_by(’email’).
  • DB placeholders has been unquoted.

Version 3.73

  • Bug fixed related to AJAX.
  • Bug fixed related to Subscription form’s submitting.
  • Bug fixed related to conflict with Post SMTP.

Version 3.72

  • Option added to enable/disable AJAX for counting popup opening stats.
  • Bug fixed related to multisite issue.
  • Bug fixed related to floating button, when style is set to basic.
  • Improvement of code, PHP errors are fixed.
  • Bug fixed related to copy to clipboard functionality in action on popup click section.
  • Bug fixed related to email notifications.
  • Bug fixed related to white space that appears when popup is active.
  • Added user compatibility check for AJAX requests.

Version 3.7 – 3.7.1

  • Improvement of “Display Rules” settings, showing popups on archive pages for all custom post types is added.
  • Bug fixed related to “Settings” button when popup’s opening event is set to on load.
  • Bug fixed related to on click popups that are set to appear on dropdown’s menu items.

Version 3.69.6

  • JavaScript improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 3.69.5

  • Improvement of “Display Rules” settings: Everywhere is auto selected which helps to prevent invisible popups.
  • Improvement of close button, image source is changed to url instead of base64.
  • Improvement of import/export functionality.
  • Bug fixed related to Polylang compatibility, translate settings is visible for all users.
  • Bug fixed related to Floating button’s frame on iOS devices.

Version 3.69.4

  • Bug fixed related to Debug Mode.

Version 3.69.3

  • Polylang compatibility fix.

Version 3.69.2

  • Code improvement.
  • Debug mode added: Now it’s easier to find the issues that our users face.
  • Bug fixed related to compatibility with Polylang plugin.
  • Bug fixed related to close button showing on iOS devices.

Version 3.69.1

  • Code improvements. Thanks to ‘G Lagonikas’.
  • Minor fixes.

Version 3.69

  • Improvement of code in SGPopup.php/PopupLoader.php/PopupBuilder.js files
  • Improvement of WPML compatibility
  • Improvement of subscribers’ import functionality, all CSV file formats are supported (CSV UTF-8, Comma delimited, Macintosh, MS-DOS)
  • Improvement of Image popup type, ALT attribute added for search engine optimization
  • Improvement of Floating button styles
  • Improvement of logic in opening conditions
  • Conflict fixed related to Litespeed cache plugin
  • Bug fixed related to “Hover” and “Click” opening events
  • Bug fixed related to Multisite dynamic paths

Version 3.68.5

  • Added new feature: Floating Button – Trigger popup by clicking on the button
  • Improvement of Newsletter: Added an option to send test emails before running the email campaign
  • Improvement of Newsletter related to keeping already inserted/sent email content after refresh
  • Improvement of code in Feedback.php file
  • PHP version compatibility improvements
  • Improvement and code optimization of core files
  • Bug fixed related to the jQuery depreciation functionality
  • Bug fixed related to cookie saving

Version 3.68.4

  • Improvement of core JS files.
  • Improvement of compatibility with WooCommerce related to Gutenberg blocks.
  • Full Integration with WPML plugin.
  • Compatibility with WordPress v5.5.

Version 3.68.3

  • Bug fixed related to the error message while uploading image for close button.
  • Bug fixed related to the popup cloning.
  • Popup opening size improvement related to wide screens.

Version 3.68.2

  • Popup Builder custom post type renamed to be more recognizable
  • Image upload issue
  • Popup display design improvement related to devices with large size
  • Email validation fixed on subscription popup type

Version 3.68

  • Display rules section improvement.
  • Subscription popup type email sending improvements.
  • Range slider bug fixed related to showing JS error when Gutenberg editor is enabled.
  • Subscribers section bulk actions error fixed related to conflict with search logic, syntax error where shown.
  • Conflict fixed related to Beaver builder plugin in page/post creation page.