AI ChatBot with KnowledgeBase Documentation HelpDesk


AI support is now with KnowledgeBase HelpDesk! KnowledgeBase HelpDesk is an advanced Knowledge Base plugin for your docs and documentation with a floating chatbot helpdesk, glossary and Knowledgebase features all in one. Standard category wise knowledgebase documentation articles are supported that can also be displayed as alphabetical glossary. Includes the OpenAI ChatGPT powered WordPress ChatBot WPBot to search your Knowledgebase articles.

Get the KnowledgeBase X pro for the Most Complete Support System for WordPress including the KnowledgeBase, OpenAI Powered ChatBot, Live Chat & Support Ticket systems ALL in One.

Support, Bug Report, Feature Requests | KnowledgeBase X Pro version Live Demo | Upgrade to KnowledgeBase X Pro with ChatBot Now!

You can add the Knowledgebase or docs in any of your page with a simple shortcode! It will generate a beautiful, responsive layout of knowledgebase categories and a powerful search box.

The Knowledgebase Helpdesk lite plugin comes with an AI Chatbot and interface that acts as a one stop help desk for your website users. The search is powered by AJAX. So, this Knowledge Base / Help Desk returns more relevant results in impressive speed.

You can also create an additional Glossary page with your Knowledgebase articles. This will create an A to Z alphabetical listing of all of your articles.
*The glossary feature works only with English Language and A-Z

You can use the KBx ChatBot as as a plug n’ play ChatBot without any technical knowledge at all. Just install it and the ChatBot can chat with the website users, show text responses you created from the WordPress backend, display a small set of FAQs, let users email you for support or leave their phone numbers like a floating HelpDesk or a Conversational Floating Contact bot.

The ChatBot also searches the KBx articles that you created.

KnowledgeBase HelpDesk Main Features

  • Live Chat Bot with Floating Icon in front end for helpdesk
  • Section wise knowledgebase
  • Option for users to sort alphabetically, popularity, views
  • Article view count (editable by admin)
  • Upvote optoin
  • Custom Knowledge Base slug to set the opening path of the URL of the knowledgebase
  • Custom Knowledge Base Category slug. Each category is a section of the knowledge base. This setting is used when registering the custom category and forms a part of the URL when browsing category archives
  • Custom Knowledge Base Tag slug. Each article can have multiple tags. This setting is used when registering the custom tag and forms a part of the URL when browsing tag archives
  • Custom CSS from Knowledge Base settings
  • Parent and subcategories are listed the same way
  • Alphabetical Glossary (A to Z index of your articles)
  • Fully RESPONSIVE and mobile device friendly
  • Simple and effective presentation
  • Super fast AJAX search, with predictive text
  • Sidebar widgets for recent articles and tag cloud
  • Short codes and easy shortcode generator to create parameters in a few clicks
  • Works across all major browsers and devices – IE8+, Safari, Firefox, Chrome

KnowledgeBase Free ChatBot Features

  • ChatBot Supports any languages including RTL
  • OpenAI basic module to answer any type of questions
  • Create simple text responses easily from your WordPress backend.
  • Add hyperlinks in response message content using HTML markup.
  • Change all the Chat bot responses from language settings
  • Set on which pages the chat bot will display
  • Fine tune the ChatBot floating icon position
  • Upload Custom Icon
  • Built in Intent to Show a List of FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions defined by you
  • Built in Intent to Let users email you any question or feedback they may have
  • Built in Intent to Let users leave their phone number so you can call them back
  • Rearrange the Start Menu
  • Option to display Start Menu After Greetings
  • Option to open the ChatBot Full Screen in Mobile
  • Create Conversational drag and drop forms with a free AddOn
  • Integrate with Google’s Dialogflow Agent API to process natural language queries.
  • Display text Responses for Intents you created in DialogFlow and machine learning

Extra KnowledgeBase X Pro Version Features

The pro version of the KnowledgeBase plugin provides some unique and useful features.

  • KnowledgeBase articles
  • Supports dynamic sidebar to display all KnowledgeBase categories and articles. Can be turned on or off globally or just on home page.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Accordion Format
  • A to Z Glossary using the Same KnowledgeBase articles
  • AJAX powered auto complete Search bar
  • Export KnowledgeBaseas CSV
  • Import KnowledgeBase articles
  • Ask a Question – allow user to ask a question and suggest possible answer
  • Approve user suggested questions and answers from the back end.
  • Supports Table of Contents for long KB Articles – automatically turns your h1-h4 headings to table of contents
  • Highlight parts of an article with special shortcode. Available types: success, danger, warning, info, light
  • Easy, Visual Shortcode Generator with all options
  • Drag and Drop Article Sorting
  • Drag and Drop Category Reorder
  • Attach multiple files with articles
  • Add multiple alternative questions that is also answered by the same article. This improves search result matching and is very helpful for the users
  • Mark a KnowledgeBase Article as Sticky to always show on top
  • Front End Sorting – Menu Order, Alphabetical or Popularity
  • User Role based Permission to View KnowledgeBase Category and Articles
  • Show only a single category for FAQ
  • Change KnowledgeBase, Category and Tag URL slugs
  • Change font colors
  • Enable Bread Crumb
  • User Upvote/DownVote option for KnowledgeBase Articles
  • Edit UpVote/DownVote Count
  • Editable Article View Count
  • Enable/Disable WordPress Commenting in Articles
  • Custom Templating Support – design your own custom template for Archive, Articles, Article Search & Article Detail page
  • Upload custom category image
  • Add category descriptions
  • Sidebar widget for Most Popular Articles
  • Sidebar widget for Tag Cloud
  • Tabbed widget for the main KnowledgeBase shortcode to display Sticky, Most Visited and Recent Articles
  • Knowledgebase slug, Category slug and Tag slug
  • Default article sorting option
  • Front end article sorting drop down
  • Show Sticky, Popular, Recent Article Tabs at the top or bottom of the Categories
  • Turn on or off Sticky, Popular, Recent Article Tabs individually
  • Customize colors
  • Enable/disable Breadcrumb
  • Enable Related Articles
  • Enable Comments on Article
  • Statistics – Search Terms, View, Popular Articles, Upvotes
  • Floating Search Box. OR ChatBot

KnowledgeBase X ChatBot Features

With the KnowledgeBase HelpDesk Pro Version you can Power up your Knowledgebase HelpDesk with an AI Powered ChatBot. The Knowledgebase X Pro version HelpDesk is fully integrated with Google’s DialogFlow AI, Machine Learning and NLP engine. Build a robust self-service support system easily and & reduce Live Chat support time and effort significantly with KnowledgeBase X Pro and its AI powered HelpDesk ChatBot. The ChatBot will reduce your live chat support and work load significantly in the long run. Replace or Extend Your Live Chat HelpDesk SupportDesk with a fully automated ChatBot.

  • Advanced, fast Site search of your pages and posts to answer user questions
  • Google Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or AI Engine with DialogFlow
  • Natural Language Processing through Google’s Dialog Flow
  • Automatically supports Custom Intents and Responses You Create in Dialog Flow
  • Automatically supports Follow Up Intents and step by step Question Answers through Dialogflow custom Intents
  • Automatically supports Rich Message Response & Card Responses from Dialogflow as FaceBook messenger app
  • Automatically supports images (jpgs, animated gifs) and Youtube Videos from DialogFlow Intent Responses
  • Automatically supports images (jpgs, animated gifs) and Youtube Videos from ChatBot Language Settings Responses
  • Simply paste any image (jpg or gif) or youtube video’s full link
  • Add images from your WordPress media library or Giphy animated gif images easily and quickly from the ChatBot language center with the floating image options
  • Fine tune WPBot icon position by pixels or percentages
  • Option to choose on which pages WPBot should load
  • Option to Auto Open Chatbot Window For First Time Page Load
  • Ability to click a text link to open the ChatBot using shortcode
  • Upload custom ChatBot icon
  • Upload custom Agent icon
  • Choose from 5 design templates for ChatBot interface
  • Option to disable WPBot on Mobile Devices
  • Option to Disable Persistent Chat History across pages
  • Option to Enable/Disable Site Search, Call Me, eMail, FAQ, newsletter subscription etc. ready intents
  • Show or Hide Opening Notifications
  • Option to Skip Greeting and Asking Name and eMail
  • Option to Skip Greeting for logged in users only.
  • Option to enable/disable asking for eMail address after asking name
  • Upload your own background image for chatbot
  • Create FAQ area with multiple questions and answers (supports html)
  • Add video in Support area just by pasting Youtube link
  • Add multiple site notifications to show above the ChatBot icon
  • Quick access to Support ares of the ChatBot
  • Quick Help for commands that can be used in-chat
  • Admin customizable chat commands
  • Stop Words dictionary included and editable by admin. Bot will automatically exclude stop words from search criteria and chat commands
  • Advanced Language Center to edit and change every WPBot responses, System languages, stop words and info messages!
  • Add multiple variations of ChatBot responses for each node. They will be used randomly and give an appearance of more human like responses.
  • Persistent chat history over shopper session on website
  • Option to Disable persistent chat history (Chat history is reset in every page)
  • Remember chat history in browser local storage and greet returning users
  • Shortcode for WPBot on a Page or post (without floating icon)
  • Option to Open pages in new or same window from search results
  • Any Language support. mo/pot file included so you can translate to any language
  • RTL support
  • Light Integration with FaceBook Messenger for Live Chat
  • Light Integration with Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Web Link & Phone Call
  • Call me back – customer leaves phone number.
  • Collect Customer Feedback by email option.
  • Collect User eMail for newsletter Subscription
  • GDPR compliance (message with link to Privacy page)
  • Unsubscibe Command
  • Advanced Name Recognition
  • Sample DialogFlow Agent for quick import
  • Prompt User for eMail subscription with Retargeting Nessage
  • Export eMail Addresses as CSV
  • Onsite retargeting and remarketing to increase customer conversion rate.
  • Enable/Disable retargeting message sound
  • Out of focus Browser tab flashing with custom message for retargeting messages
  • Show retargeting messages for customer on Exit Intent, After Scrolling Down “X” Percent, Or after “X” seconds.
  • Custom Background color for retargeting messages.
  • Connect retargeting messages with any custom intent created in DialogFlow
  • Schedule day and time when WPBot will run. Make WPBot work with other Live chat software.
  • Embed code to use the ChatBot on any other website including static HTML website
  • Integrate with 3rd party Live Chat services that provides a stand alone chat page link like
  • Option to hide the support and other icons from the ChatBot footer
  • Plugin Auto Upgrades from WordPress backend

OpenAI Integration

  • Have OpenAI Answer Generic Questions
  • Fine Tune OpenAI with Custom Dataset(requires addon)
  • Fine Tune OpenAI with Website Data(requires addon)
  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Article Generator

KnowledgeBase X AddOns/strong>

  • Live Chat (human) support from your WordPress Backend
  • Complete helpdesk ticket system on your website. This easy to configure and easy to use support ticket plugin can work stand alone or as an addon for our KnowledgeBase X plugin with ChatBot.

View Demo of KnowledgeBase X w/ FAQ, Glossary and AI Powered ChatBot/HelpDesk
KB X Pro is perfect for small businesses and agencies that want to automate their Live Chat and Support process with self service KnowledgeBase and save huge on time and cost.
Upgrade to KB X Pro with ChatBot Now!

How to Use KnowledgeBase HelpDesk

After activating the KnowledgeBase HelpDesk plugin, create a new page or post. In the body section write the appropriate shortcode you want to use for either KNowledge Base or Glossary.
Save the page/post and check the page in front end.

You need to use shortcodes to display KnowledgeBase article search page or glossary page. Copy the below shortcodes as per your requirement and put in your post or page.

[kbx-knowledgebase] for article search page with category tiles.
[kbx-knowledgebase-glossary] for glossary page.

Settings options are self explanatory. These can be found under “Knowledgebase –> Settings”.

Widgets can be found under “Appearence –> Widgets”.
There are two avilable widgets. These are:
Knowledgebase Articles [Sorting Options: Date, Popularity, Views]
Knowledgebase Tag Cloud

Floating Search Widget:
You can enable a user friendly floating search widget sitewide to mimic a HelpDesk and Chatbot. This helpdesk brings your entire knowledgebase searchable from any page of your website To enable this option go to the Bot Settings section.


  1. After activating the plugin, create a new page or post. In the body section write the shortcode
  2. Save the page/post and check the page in front end. .


  • Knowledgebase Helpdesk Articles
  • ChatBot
  • Knowledgebase Helpdesk Glossary of Terms
  • Knowledgebase Helpdesk Search panel
  • Widgets
  • Gutenberg compatible shortcode generator


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Knowledgebase Helpdesk — Shortcode Generator


  1. Download the plugin zip file. Extract and upload the folder in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. From the wp-admin panel go to plugins and activate “knowledgebase-helpdesk”
  3. Create a new page and paste the plugin Short Code.
  4. You are done.


Links not working – getting a 404 error on article pages

Sometimes you mat need to save the permalinks again. Go to your WordPress->Settings->Permalinks and Save permalinks again. The problem should go away.

How to add items to the Glossary

Scroll down in your Kknowledge Base article page until you see Custom Fields. There is a field for Glossary term here. You can add one keyword per article and that will show up in your Glossary alphabet list and link the keyword to that article automatically.


October 30, 2021 1 reply
very helpful and have the best customer service. they help you everytime and Jamal is fast and help fix any problem. I got to give it to them for having the best service. The chat bot have a lot of options and is one of the best chatbots out there. I will definitely refer them to my friends if the need a chat bot
May 16, 2020 1 reply
Customers, the best thing I ever bought. The team alone for the cost is amazing, they will help with any issues you have and work to fix it. I can’t thank them enough and they deserve more than the cost of this. It’s mind blowing. Thank you so much! I bought all your KB addons and am amazed! It really extends its use, and for me that was a complete helpdesk customer support solution and their plugins thought about everything and covered everything. You can adjust what you need, colours and most aspects of the plugin to suit what you need. These are pros you can trust, they are worth every $ I just want to thank the team so much. Their support alone is worth the cost of this. They go the extra mile. Go Pro and get it and start expanding your sites functions, best thing I have bought. Thanks again!!! 😀
May 7, 2020 1 reply
The team have really nailed it with this product, easy to use and looks good. I asked a couple of questions of the team and not only did they answer the questions quickly but they implemented changes to help my specific case. Keep up the great work.
October 18, 2019 1 reply
Easy to use plugin and support is great. recommended for who are looking for automotive FAQ style chatbot.
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Made chatbot the default option.


KBx deactivation email issue fix


Removed obsolete files

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KBx category template priority increas


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Added deactivation form for feedback


Fixed Gutenberg Block shortcode generator


Fixed an issue with the floating search widget


Fix KBX Search Bar not working for some sites

Remove ob_clean() from func_kbx_search_article()

Fix Search not return matching results in some cases

Flush Permalinks on plugin activation to prevent 404 errors for KBX Articles and Categories


Added permalink flush after update

Fixed box overlapping issue


Completely overhauled the KnowledgeBase front end designs

Added more style options

Added category image support


Updated support area


Fixed some PHP notices


Improved and cleaned up code everywhere


Fixed spelling

Updated slug view


Fixed a conflict with other QC plugins


Fixed some CSS conflicts


Improved search


Reset Postdata after Glossary Shortcode

Ajax Search on Widget not working for empty string

Removed unused Ranking

php error log fixed


Fixed a PHP notice


Removed popular sorting – unused

implemented defualt width and margin.

Menu KB X

Add notice at top: The KB X Pro version is now available with Intelligent ChatBot Integrated with Google’s DialogFlow

Removedthe close me text and area from floating widget

Gave an option to change the text Search the Knowledge base from main search box and floating widget

Gave option to change the text Type your search string. Minimum 4 characters are required from floating box


Improved glossary item listing


Fixed pagination for glossary


Fixed duplicate letter bug for glossary


Fixed a warning with php 7.0


Permalink flushing issue fixed.

Floating Search Icon squeezed up issue fixed.


Article filtering by category


Discussion (Comments) Section has been removed because the feature is incomplete


Assign articles to uncategorized section by default


Fixed pagination


  • Updated support section.
  • Updated css class names to avoid conflict with other theme or plugins
  • Added template overriding functions. Priorities are Child Theme > Parent Theme > Plugin File.
  • Fixed CSS issues
  • Added a new outer wrapper for generic themes, for all the KB templates. Width 80%, Margin 20px-auto.
  • Fixed CUSTOM CSS loading option
  • Others