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The ELEX Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes for WooCommerce (Free) is a free WooCommerce plugin that allows store owners to bulk edit WooCommerce products. You can bulk edit product properties like Product title, SKU, Catalog Visibility, Stock, Quantity, Regular Price, Sale Price, Shipping Class, Weight, Dimensions, Attributes, and Product categories. This free version supports WooCommerce Simple Products.

You can filter the products to edit using the Filter Interface provided by the plugin settings. Filters can be applied using various parameters like Product title, Product Categories, Attributes, and Regular price. In addition to this, you can even exclude products by Product IDs or Product categories.

For example, you can increase or decrease all prices in a category by a set percentage (%) or amount value ($) for quick sales or product price increases/decreases all in one step. You can even bulk add sale prices to products that do not currently have sale prices active. Also, you can easily change Regular Price by percentage or Flat price.

This plugin is a basic version of ELEX WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes plugin, which has additional features that support Variable products, Schedule jobs for a bulk update operation, Update Custom meta-fields from Third-party plugins and Undo the last bulk update.

Main Features of WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugin

  • Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products
  • Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Properties
  • Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Variations
  • Bulk Delete WooCommerce Products
  • Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Attribute Values
  • Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Categories
  • Bulk Edit Custom Product Fields
  • Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Images
  • Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Gallery Images

Few of the Use cases of WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugin

  • Bulk Edit Product Attributes By Title, SKU, Catalog Visibility, Shipping Class, Description, Short Description, Sale Price, Regular Price, Manage Stock, Stock Quantity, Allow Backorders, Tax Options, Stock Status, Length, Width and More!
  • Set Filters Using Product Type, Product Category, Attributes, Attributes Values, Regular Price, Etc.
  • Use Regular Expression (regex) pattern matching.
  • Bulk Edit Product Categories.
  • Bulk Edit Product Attributes.
  • Preview Filtered Products.
  • Ajax Search on previewed products.
  • Supports Simple Products.
  • Options for Add, Append, Prepend and Replace Values.
  • Tested for bulk editing 10,000+ products at a time.
  • Supports ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing Plugin.

Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products – Premium Version Features

  • Bulk Edit WoCommerce Variable Products ( Basic version supports only Simple Products ).
  • Supports Bulk Edit Individual Variations of Variable Products.
  • Bulk Edit WooCommerce External Products.
  • Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Attributes used for Creating Variation.
  • Schedule bulk update at a specific date & time.
  • Schedule recurring jobs for bulk update.
  • Revert back the bulk update after a specified scheduled time.
  • Bulk Edit Any Custom Product Fields.
  • Option to immediately undo the last WooCommerce bulk update.
  • Support for more filter options. (Description, Short Description, …)
  • Select / Unselect Products after filtering for Update.
  • Timely compatibility updates and bug fixes.
  • Premium support!

For complete list of features and details, please visit ELEX Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes for WooCommerce

Premium Version walkthrough Video


  • Filter Products for Bulk editing.
  • Preview Filtered Products.
  • Bulk Edit Product Properties.
  • Use Regular Expression (regex) pattern matching.
  • Bulk Edit Product Attributes.
  • Bulk Edit Product Categories.
  • Tested for 10,000+ products.


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it! you can now configure the plugin.


1.What if I face issues with the plugin? Do you provide support for free products?
If you are facing any issues, please create a topic at the plugin support section on WordPress Org. Our team will respond back soon.


September 6, 2023
Plugin doesnt work on my website but support, great support, help with this, and now its working perfect!
June 7, 2023
I just have to give a shoutout to the amazing support team who helped me out with a tricky technical issue on the Bulk Edit Products. They were so helpful and friendly, going the extra mile to get everything sorted. I really appreciate their expertise and dedication. Thank you, guys, for the top-notch support!
April 28, 2023
This plugin is great for creating new products or for updating thousands of variations and prices. It will help you in getting the job done in minutes saving hours and hours of work. After testing different bulk editing plugins, this is the best one that I cam across. People that write negative reviews about this plugin, need to understand how to use it first. Thanks so much!
March 30, 2023
We are very pleased. The plug-in also made special updates for us. They did custom coding. Thank you so much Elextensions team. I already bought this plug-in because I liked your comments. They didn't disappoint me.
January 12, 2023
Used the premium version of this plugin recently on a large Woo site with thousands of variation prices that needed updating by a specific percentage. It got the job done in minutes saving the content team hours and hours of laborious editing. Thanks so much!
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Contributors & Developers

“ELEX WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 8.0
  • Tested OK with WordPress 6.3
  • Fixed an issue related to filter by attribute.


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 7.9
  • Fixed an alignment issue.


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 7.8
  • Tested OK with WordPress 6.2
  • Made compatible with the Jetpack plugin.


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 7.4


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 7.2
  • Fixed an issue with WooCommerce filters on the Shop page


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 7.1
  • Tested OK with WordPress 6.1


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 6.7


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 6.6
  • Tested OK with WordPress 6.0


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 6.4


  • Tested OK with WordPress 5.9


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 6.1
  • Multisite Activation Issue.


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 5.9


  • Tested with WooCommerce 5.8
  • Codesniffer changes.


  • Tested with WooCommerce 5.6
  • Tested with WordPress 5.8
  • Added pipelines and composer files.


  • Tested with WooCommerce 5.5


  • Tested with WooCommerce 5.4


  • Tested with WooCommerce 5.3


  • Tested with WooCommerce 5.2
  • Tested with WordPress 5.7
  • Updated Content.


  • Tested with WC version 5.0


  • Tested With WC version 4.9


  • Tested With WC version 4.8
  • Tested With WordPress verion 5.6
  • Resolved AND filter Bug.


  • Tested WC Version 4.7


  • Tested WC Version 4.6


  • Updated Content.


  • Updated content.
  • Code Optimizations
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5
  • Tested with WooCommerce 4.5


  • Tested with WooCommerce 4.2


  • Tested with WooCommerce 4.1
  • Added settings to edit Featured Product, Description, Short Description, Product Image, Tax Status, Tax Class and to Delete Products.


  • Minor change – content updated.
  • Checkbox to unselect products for update after filtering.


  • WordPress 5.4 compatibility


  • WordPress 5.3 compatibility


  • Updated content.


  • Initial push.