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Easy-Update-Urls: Change Site URL and Replace Content in Database

Easy-Update-Urls: Change Site URL and Replace Content in Database


After cloning or moving sites from one location to another, Easy Update URLs plugin lets you fix old URLs in content, excerpts, links, and custom fields. It is not necessary to manually modify data in the database to make the new site URL information to be recognized properly. Compatible with PHP 8.

Updates Entire Site including URLs in page content (posts, pages, custom post types, revisions), excerpts, links, attachments (images, documents, general media), and custom fields and meta boxes. At the end, it provides the total number of replacements made.

The Easy Update URLs plugin for WordPress provides several advantages, including:

Simple and easy to use: The plugin is user-friendly and does not require technical skills to use.

Save time and effort: Updating URLs manually can be time-consuming and laborious, but with the Easy Update URLs plugin, you can update all URLs in just a few clicks.

Prevent broken links: Updating URLs manually can lead to broken links, which can negatively impact your website’s user experience and SEO. The plugin ensures that all URLs are updated correctly and prevents broken links.

Improve SEO: The Easy Update URLs plugin helps improve your website’s SEO by ensuring that all URLs are consistent and up-to-date.

Overall, the Easy Update URLs plugin is a valuable tool for any WordPress website owner who wants to ensure that their URLs are up-to-date, consistent, and SEO-friendly.
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Update with Confidence: Secure Backups & Easy Restore

Backup and Restore: Options for Creating Backups Before Making Changes.
Ensuring the safety and integrity of your website is crucial when making updates like changing URLs. We offer two free plugins to help you easily create backups and restore your database if needed, providing a secure and reliable experience.

Our free Plugins for Backup and Restore
Database-Backup Plugin

One-click database backup
Easy-to-use interface

BigDump Restore Plugin

Simple database restore process
Support for large database files
User-friendly interface

For Users of Velvet Blues Update URLs

Velvet Blues Update URLs is retired No longer actively maintained and was closed by WordPress.
Our user-friendly plugin lets you update URLs effortlessly, even after migration.
Change WordPress URL without touching the database! Update all URLs with a few clicks.


This plugin was not tested with Multisite.


  • Plugin Dashboard


1) Install via wordpress.org

2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


Can this plugin damage my database?

Yes! Entering a wrong search or replace string could damage your database.
Run a Backup of your database before begin.

How can I do a backup of my database?

Free Plugin to make database Backup

How to change WordPress address URL after migration?

After migrating your WordPress site, you may need to change WordPress address (URL) to ensure everything functions correctly. This process can seem daunting, but using the Easy Update URL plugin simplifies it. Here’s how to wordpress change url of site:

Update URLs in WordPress Database and WordPress change all URLs in database: Use the Easy Update URL plugin to update all instances of your old URL to the new one within your database. This ensures that all internal links, images, and other resources are correctly pointed to your new domain.

Does the Easy Update URL plugin also update WordPress image URLs and WordPress links?

Yes, using the Easy Update URL plugin, you can update WordPress image URLs and update WordPress links seamlessly. This plugin is designed to help with various URL updates, ensuring your site functions correctly after any changes or migrations. Here’s how the Easy Update URL plugin can assist:

The Easy Update URL plugin serves as a go live update URLs WordPress plugin, making it simple to manage and update all URLs in your WordPress database. Whether you’re looking to update URLs in WordPress database or need to mass change old URLs, this plugin offers a comprehensive solution.

With Easy Update URL, you can efficiently handle:

  • WordPress update image URLs: The plugin ensures all your image links are correctly updated, preventing broken images and maintaining the visual integrity of your site.
  • WordPress update links: It updates all internal and external links, ensuring seamless navigation throughout your website.

The plugin also supports other essential updates, such as:

  • Update WordPress domain: Easily update your domain across your entire site.
  • WordPress update URL in database: Ensure all URL instances in your database are correctly updated.
  • Fix site URL after migration: Automatically update URLs after moving your WordPress site, avoiding any broken links or missing resources.

By using the Easy Update URL plugin, you can perform a WordPress URL update efficiently and effectively, keeping your site functional and user-friendly. This tool is invaluable for anyone needing to update site URL after moving, update site URL in database, or perform a mass change URLs task.

In summary, the Easy Update URL plugin simplifies the process of how to update URL in WordPress, covering all aspects from WordPress update site URL to fixing URLs after migration (wordpress url fix), making it an essential tool for maintaining your site’s integrity and performance.

I used to use Velvet Blues Update but it was closed over a year ago. Can I replace it with Easy Update URL?

Yes, you can replace Velvet Blues Update with the Easy Update URL plugin. The Easy Update URL plugin provides similar functionality and allows you to efficiently update WordPress image URLs and update WordPress links. It ensures that all URLs in your WordPress database are correctly updated, making it a reliable alternative to Velvet Blues Update. This plugin supports various tasks such as update WordPress domain, fix site URL after migration, and mass change URLs, making it a comprehensive solution for managing URL updates on your site.

How can I perform a WordPress URL edit, WordPress URL fix, update site URL after cloning, and change the WordPress base URL?

Our Easy Update URL plugin can help with all of these tasks. It allows you to change URL from database, perform a WordPress URL edit, WordPress URL fix, update site URL after cloning, and change the WordPress base URL efficiently and effectively. This plugin ensures that all URLs in your WordPress database are correctly updated, maintaining the functionality and integrity of your site.


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2024-06-30 – Version 1.16 – Improved security
2024-05-31 – Version 1.15 – Improved security
2024-05-20 – Version 1.14 – Improvements at readme
2024-03-26 – Version 1.13 – Small Improvements on Error Management.
2023-12-29 – Version 1.12 – Small Improvements.
2023-12-27 – Version 1.11 – Small Improvements.
2023-10-17 – Version 1.10 – Small Improvements.
2023-09-04 – Version 1.09 – Small Improvements.
2023-08-20 – Version 1.06/07 – Small Improvements.
2023-03-06 – Version 1.05 – Small Improvements.
2023-02-24 – Version 1.04 – Small Improvements.
2023-02-23 – Version 1.03 – Small Improvements.
2023-02-18 – Version 1.02 – Small Improvements.
2023-02-14 – Version 1.01 – Improved security.
2023-02-11 – Version 1.00 – Initial Release.